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We sell everything you can find at any shopping bazaar whether used or brand new.  Come join us to sell anything you wish. FREE advertisement for all.

Express Order Methods as follows:

Method 1
1.       After decided selection item(s), please make payment to our account as follows:
a.       CIMB  a/c no. : 86-0082540-5
b.      Payee: DMH Marketing & Services
2.       Snap photo of your selected items as well as your evidence of payment
3.       Whatsapp / sms / text to 017-4244461 the following details:
a.       Name
b.      Full address
c.       Photo of your selected items
d.      Evidence of payment
4.       We will act on your order as soon as we obtain verification from the bank.
5.       Alternatively, you can also email to sales@esouq.my all the details as per item 3 above.

Method 2
1.       Click photo of your selection
2.       Click “Add to Cart” button
3.       Update quantity of order
4.       Continue to repeat item 1 – 3 for other selection of your choice
5.       Once finish selection, click “Check out with PayPal” button
6.       Complete the form details as required
7.       Click “Review and continue “ button and proceed till end of process.
8.       We will be automatically notified of your order and we will act accordingly as soon as possible.

Method 3
1. For certain goods, you are required to deal directly with the stated seller for further confirmation and methods of payment.
2. The seller, upon satisfactory of payment, will then ship the good directly to the buyer.
3. The administrator of esouq.my does not involve in such transaction and not responsible for any dispute thereon.

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